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Phil was born in Germany in 1973, where he discovered Yoga and Meditation at the age of 18. After initial Hatha Yoga classes and meditation groups in Hamburg during his last years at school, he decided that... Read more of Phil's CV

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For looking at the theoretical foundations of Prânâyâma practice these titles will guide you well:

  • Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Bihar School of Yoga, 1999

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"No man can live happily who regards himself alone; who turns everything to his own advantage. You must live for others if you wish to live for yourself."

- Seneca



Gurur-Brahmâ, Gurur Vishhnu

Gurur-Devo, Maheshvarah.

Guruh Sâkshât Para-Brahma

Tasmai Shrî Gurave Namah.

I am very aware that my teaching and sharing today is based on a long journey and a myriad of people, places and experience that inform it.

For thousands of years Yoga Tradition has been kept alive by the direct transmission of knowledge between teacher and student and by the ability of yogîs to listen deeply to life's lessons that unfold every moment.

To honour this millennia-long chain of dedicated teachers and the support I have had on my path, I decided to include this page of Gratitude .

My first and foremost thanks goes out to India, motherland of Yoga and fertile ground for countless Yoga masters that contributed to the liberating teachings the different traditions offer – Pranâm.

Salutations also to the lineages of yogîs that have made it their life's work to preserve and further these priceless teachings.

I would like to thank my family for their ongoing loving support of what, at times, must have seemed like an obscure and crazy calling.

There is not enough space on this website to personally thank all the amazing teachers I have had the privilege to study with along the way, but I would like to mention a few major ones:

  • My German literature teacher Elke Hauschildt who inspired me to take up meditation and Yoga at the age of 17.

  • Dr Knut Friess, my first Hatha Yoga teacher, and great representative of the Sivananda Yoga tradition. Right from the beginning, Knut put great emphasis on philosophical understanding of what lies at the Heart of all Yoga Traditions.

  • Anila Cödrön at Tushita Retreat Centre who took me under her wing, both in Tibetan Buddhist Meditation practices and Reiki.

  • S.N Goenka-ji and his assistant teachers, who revealed the importance of mindfulness, equanimity and selfless service to me.

  • The Insight Meditation community worldwide, who opened me up to a more integral way of practice. Jack Kornfield's compassionate wisdom and Christopher Titmuss' piercing inquiry especially, continue to nourish and inspire me.

  • Clive Sheridan, who introduced me to tantric teachings and has been my friend and mentor for twelve years.

  • Paramahamsa Niranjananda and the swamis of the Satyananda Yoga tradition, who are a bedrock of preserving authentic tantric teachings of Yoga. May you keep on carrying that torch after the sad passing of Paramahamsa Satyananda – an immense loss for the international Yoga community.

  • B.K.S Iyengar and his teachers for the great contribution of improved alignment in âsana practice and the introduction of Yoga props. You have made âsana-practice so much safer and more accessible.

  • Hogen-san Yamatha and Tenshin Reb Anderson Roshi, who have guided my first humble steps in the noble Zen Tradition – pillars of the void.

  • Georg Feuerstein, who has been my hero of Yoga Philosophy and continues to ask the important (and often challenging) questions.

  • Yoga Arts, INSPYA Yoga and the WINstitut who have given me the chance to share with students worldwide and be nurtured by their beautiful teams of teachers.

  • My closest Yoga Sangha: Darin Elliott, Simon Moyes, Roger Ash-Wheeler, Lance Schuler, Claire Priestly, Consta Georgoussis, Louisa Sears, Rose Baudin, Miranda Preston, April Galetti, Oles Krolikowski, Tondi Ings, Sam Gilfillan-Byrne, Simon Krohn, Eric Adams, Dan Fanthorpe, Kellie Hamilton, Rose Zhou, Villa Yang, Michaela Waibel-Underberg, Emil Wendel, Adrienne Ni Cheillaigh, Jasjeet Chawla, Mikela Gabrielides, Anita Gibcus, Brendt Farrer Reynolds, Alexandra Kenneth, Katie Stackhouse, Armin Baumann.

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